Print Mail Services

Our Print Mail Services Division provides services to a variety of clients. We currently provide month end and Visa cycle statement printing for over 30 non-MDT/Symitar core clients. We also provide our statement printing product to hospitals, clinics, government agencies, utility companies and any other organization in need of statement mailing. (If you are an MDT/Symitar core client, please click Here for services that are available to you.) We are a complete mailing service available to provide professional and accurate statements for your business. By using our high technology equipment, we provide our customers postage savings that can be matched, but not beaten.

Your statement file goes through many steps as we process it. The addresses in your file are cleansed and put into delivery point order ensuring the greatest possible postal discounts. Each mail piece is certified to meet both the U.S. Postal Service CASS and PAVE Requirements, as well as NCOA requirements. Once address processing is complete, your file is printed on our high speed laser printers using paper stock designed especially for you. After printing, they are inserted along with as many as 4 collateral inserts per envelope. These collateral materials can be inserted into all statements, or selectively using specifications you provide. The statements are delivered to the post office for mail processing and delivery to your members.

We can customize your statement run to your specific needs while saving you money. Tired of the “Out of the Box” look your system provides for statements? Unformatted statement processing is available to customize your statements’ look, as well as our Page 1 Marketing Message, which allows you to market on the front page of your statements. For those of you looking to move to electronic statement delivery, we also offer e-statements through Digital Mailer.

Let us make a statement for you!


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